Why Kurosh Rugs

Image of rug for sale in Minneapolis

Why Kurosh Rugs

When you walk into a store, you want to trust that business. You want to know the people who own the business and the people who work there. Is your best interest at heart? Are you going to be receiving a well-made product or service? At Kurosh Rugs, yes. Yes to all of those concerns.

Kurosh Amrami is the owner of Kurosh Rugs, a provider of hand-knotted, oriental rugs for over 40 years. He knows his business. He might have started Kurosh Rugs in 1976, but he’s been in the yarn business since he was five years old. His father introduced him to the vibrant and fascinating world of handmade, authentic rugs, and now Kurosh brings the Oriental to the Midwest, servicing clients with the highest quality products he can muster.

He is very particular about the rugs he sells–perfection is a must. Kurosh is particular about the rugs he provides because he cares about what he’s providing to his clients. It’s important to him that before a rug is bought, trust is developed between him and his customer. And it pays off. Kurosh can’t recall one complaint or report of dissatisfaction from his clients. That’s good business. Whether you walk into Kurosh Rugs wanting a traditional, contemporary or transitional design; whether you prefer a rug or runner; and whether you want it made of wool or silk, you can trust Kurosh Rugs.

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