We are Kurosh Rugs

We are Kurosh Rugs

Are you in the market for a beautiful handmade Oriental rug? Look no further than

Kurosh Rugs located in Bloomington, Minnesota. Our expert staff knows exactly

what you need to add beauty to your home. Handmade in India, Pakistan, and Iran,

there is a rug for every home in our showroom.

To start the rug buying process we visit your home to see the space. Knowing where

the rug will be placed, colors around the area, and size of the room are all important

when deciding on a final piece.

Once we see your space, we choose a variety of rugs that will look great. We then

bring them back to your home to make sure they are a perfect fit in the room. Once a

final piece is chosen, it is yours to last a lifetime. Building a strong trust with our

customers is what drives our company forward.

Give us a call to make an appointment! We would love to have one of our rugs in

your home.