Types of Handmade Rugs

Types of Handmade Rugs

When you think of oriental rugs, perhaps only one visualization comes to mind. What you may not know is that there are actually many different types of oriental rugs. Each of these has its own unique style.

 The first kind of handmade rug is known as a Chobi Ziegler rug. These rugs are made with more subdued colors and simpler designs. They are known for their high quality but are more so in the middle price range.

Persian rugs are among the more well-known types. This is because they have been a tradition for a long time. These are all handwoven in Iran and are a higher quality–also meaning a higher price! Persian rugs are designed with a central theme in mind, such as flowers, animals, or crosses.

If you have ever heard of the Ikat design, this is what Ikat rugs are based on. The print is abstract and tribal-looking. The Ikat rug has more variety in color compared to other oriental rugs. These are usually on the lower-end of the price range.

Another type of rug is a Flat Weave Kilims. These are usually brightly colored and have a linear design. This can include shapes like rectangles and squares. The texture differs from other rugs since they are made to be very thin and light.

There are many other types of rugs, but these are just a few of the more popular choices!