Your Right Choice is a Handmade Choice

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Your Right Choice is a Handmade Choice

We are often asked why you should choose a handmade rug rather than an factory model. A fair question no doubt, but the answer is quite simple. Handmade rugs possess not only a higher quality, but stronger design.

Handmade rugs are pure art. They were made by a craftsman who has dedicated their lives to making the very best oriental rugs. Each piece of thread was carefully selected for a purpose and it shows loud and clear. Handmade oriental rugs display an elegance that other, mass-produced models can’t match.

A handmade rug will be the proud centerpiece of the room and add artistic flair that other rugs fail to hold. Plus, a handmade rug means that no one else in the world has the same rug as you. Your handmade rug will feature designs and artistic craftsmanship that only your home or space will hold–it doesn’t get more original than that.

Kurosh Rugs always reviews your space before offering advice on which rug to select. The right rug for a room should be carefully selected to reflect your personality and style. Kurosh Rugs will allow you to test multiple rugs in the space so you can see exactly what they will look like.

The next time you need a handmade, oriental rug, think Kurosh Rugs.

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