Professional Rug Cleaning

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Professional Rug Cleaning

Every homeowner knows that home improvement projects are a seemingly never-ending concern. When one area of the house has been fully repaired, refurbished, or updated, another area suddenly needs attention. While it may not be the most glamorous part of your home, remember that your floor does take up a great deal of space, and requires attention from time to time. If you’re looking to add some character to a particular portion of floor space, consider an Oriental rug. Used for ages as a way to bring to life even the dullest living spaces, they are elegant, manageably sized, and highly versatile for use in any room.

While these rugs are immaculate when first purchased and installed, they are as susceptible to dirt as any other rug or carpet–this is where a professional carpet cleaner should get involved. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, carpets and rugs are among the main sources of pollutants indoors, making proper maintenance all the more important. Though using a modern in-home carpet cleaner may seem to be an easy solution, these appliances are not effective when it comes to Oriental rugs. Hiring a professional cleaner offers unique benefits. Among these are:

Ease And Simplicity
If you have ever attempted a DIY carpet or rug cleaning, you know how frustrating the experience can be, in terms of time, labor, and results. By hiring an expert rug cleaner in your city, you can enjoy convenient services without breaking a sweat.

Proper Maintenance
DIY Oriental rug maintenance may end up causing costly damage to both the rug and your floors. The fibers used to make these rugs require special care during cleaning, and only a professional can guarantee this. In the event that your rug has experienced damage, professionals also offer restoration services.

Dedicated Services
Professional carpet and rug cleaners offer a holistic service, which includes a free estimate, evaluation of any damage, cleaning, restoration and maintenance tips. Working with a professional rug cleaning company offers more value for your money in home improvement.

For these reasons and more, requesting the services of a professional rug cleaner is the clear choice. Before you can ask for a rug to be cleaned, however, you will need to select an Oriental rug for your home! At Kurosh Rugs, we offer only the highest-quality pieces – and all of them clean. Visit us today to find your ideal rug!