Persian Rugs

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Persian Rugs

Persian rugs carry a long, famous tradition. The origins go back as far as history can tell with rugs being created and sold along the famous Silk Road. For centuries, Persian rugs have withstood the sands of time and been a staple in homes across the world. In fact, there are many Persian rugs thousands of years old that are still full intact today.

The history of quality, craftsmanship and beauty is what makes a Persian rug stand out, and that is why we stand behind our rugs. A rug is only as good as its history or craftsman and our line of rugs have been created for hundreds of years. A long time ago, a trade was often was instilled in a family. If the father was a blacksmith then the son would often become one as well and then his son—the cycle would continue for years and years. As technology has advanced, many of these trades have fallen by the wayside but rug weaving is not one of them.

Rug weaving is still one of the ancient arts that have remained throughout the centuries. While blacksmiths and roof thatchers have disappeared it is rug weavers that continue to pass down their secret trade from generation to generation.

When you buy a rug from Kurosh Rugs, you are not just simply purchasing something for your floor; you are buying years of experience, craftsmanship and little piece of history. The rug that will grace your room has been created by hundreds of years of passed down experience and dedication.

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