It’s In The Thread

It’s In The Thread

Do you know what your rug is made of? Do you know how it was made? The quality of the rug is often due to its thread and the craftsmanship behind it. Many rugs today are made in factories and are not given the proper care they deserve—these rugs typically don’t last as long because a true craftsman did not pour hours and hours into ensuring the rugs quality.

Many of the rugs at Kurosh Rugs are hand-woven silk. This high-quality thread and process ensures the rug will not only last a very long time, but also reflect pure artistry. The rugs colors and designs will be created not by a computer, but by an expert who’s vision you can display proudly in your space.

What about the gorgeous colors? The colors in our rugs are often made through natural dyes, which means machines did not create them. The natural dyes reflect the colors of nature and bring out the true essence of the rug.

The next time you need a perfect rug to tie your room together, call Kurosh Rugs. We offer some of the best rugs around and we will ensure we find the perfect match for your space.

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