About Us


Kurosh Amrami started Kurosh Rugs with his wife Soheyla in 1976. His love and experience with Persian Rugs started far before that when he was just a boy in Iran. His father sold rugs in Iran therefore Kurosh was installed with a love, passion and knowledge of Persian rugs from a very young age.

While Kurosh was in college his father sent him some rugs to sell so that he could have money to help him pay for his college studies.

Now, Kurosh has been in the rug business for over 40 years.  Each rug he picks and sells has a special character and is unique.

He has helped thousands of customers find the perfect rug they can treasure for generations. The team at Kurosh rugs with you to find the perfect rug for your home and lifestyle. They will provide you with a variety of suggestions that can work for you. Kurosh rugs will provide you with an elegance, sophistication, and art to any room.

154 New 9x9 Foot Hand-Knotted Oriental Rug,


Appraisals, Valuations & Insurance Claims

Do you have a rug that you think might be hand-knotted but aren’t sure? Or do you own a handmade rug but don’t know where it’s from? Contact us and we will let you know more about your carpet. We can also provide formal written valuations for insurance coverage or claims for a small fee, this will be based on replacement value and will be refunded if you purchase a replacement rug from Kurosh Rugs.


Should you not find your desired rug amongst our existing stock, we can normally find you the perfect rug in the right colors and sizes and have it brought to you within 3-4 weeks.

Handmade Rug Restoration & Repair

Our experts of ex-weavers are high skilled in all aspects of rug repair, from securing fringes or sides to re-knotted large sections of the rugs we can restore almost any rug.

Specialist Persian Rug Cleaning 

With decades of experience in handling antique rugs, our expert team will give you rugs the individual care and attention they deserve.