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Over the last 35 years, we have helped thousands of customers find rugs that they treasure. A rug can bring a space to life—let Kurosh Rugs aid in that process.


Simply bring in an image of the space where the rug will go. We will thoughtfully provide a variety of rugs that will complement the desired space marvelously. It is an enjoyable process.


Our rugs provide elegance, sophistication and color to any room. Rugs that make you stand in awe is what keeps us coming back to work each and every day.


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Mitch Flattum
Mitch Flattum
February 16, 2021.
We thoroughly enjoyed our experience at Kurosh! Would highly recommend to anybody interested in high quality Persian rugs. I sold Persian rugs early in my career and I can say Kurosh is the real deal.
Sam Woodworth
Sam Woodworth
February 8, 2021.
If you are looking at this review, don’t hesitate. Go to Kurosh Rugs. You will be glad you did. They have a large and beautiful collection. Kurosh and his wife are amazing human beings who will help you find the perfect rug for your space. My wife and I love the rugs we purchased from them and the buying experience was superb. We highly recommend Kurosh to all!
Sarah Bergstrom
Sarah Bergstrom
July 3, 2020.
Kurosh is such a nice guy and helped my husband and I find two amazing Persian rugs. Kurosh has so many beautiful rugs and has an easy way of leading people to find the right rug for their home. Thanks, Kurosh!
Sarah Schaleger
Sarah Schaleger
April 27, 2020.
I love Kurosh rugs! I bought my rugs from his store in 2006. They are magnificent, and make my home truly beautiful. Kurosh is a joy to work with. He has helped me in every way possible; even providing new pads for me that work on carpeting, after I moved to a condo with carpeting. Kurosh is kind, helpful and honest, and has an outstanding selection of beautiful rugs.
Bruce Marshall
Bruce Marshall
February 4, 2020.
January 23, 2020, my wife and I bought a beautiful Bidjar runner from Kurosh. We live in northern Minnesota, so we carefully prepared our trip to the Twin Cities to shop for an oriental carpet. Kurosh worked with our every request. The alternatives he showed us were more to our liking than those at any other oriental carpet dealer in the Twin Cities. He allowed us to take the runner to our home to see if it fitted out space. He served us tea and pastries. We liked talking with him. We're delighted with our new oriental carpet.
Austin Becker
Austin Becker
April 24, 2018.
Wide variety of hand-made rugs at great prices! Kurosh is a great person—highly recommended!!


Hand-woven Persian rugs have long been revered by antiquities experts and amateur enthusiasts alike.

The story of these carpets can be traced back to the ancient kingdom of Persia, Cyrus the Great probably introduced the art of carpet making in Persia after he conquered Babylon in 539 B.C. For more than 2,500 years, these rugs – and the people who make them – have continued to be an invaluable asset to the Iranian culture and society.

Carefully and lovingly woven by hand, Persian rugs are a testament to the ability and creativity of the artisans who craft them. The skills used in weaving these rugs have been passed from generation to generation. Just as each weaver is different, each handmade carpet is unique – no two are identical.

The rugs are not only floor coverings – they’re works of art. Renowned for their rich colors and interesting designs, Persian rugs are made with all-natural wools, silk and vegetable dyes, rather than synthetic materials. Their beauty, and the impact it will have on your home, cannot be overstated. Because of their painstaking craftsmanship, Persian rugs are also highly regarded for their quality and durability. With the right attention and care, they’ll be enjoyed for generations to come. These pieces are also great investments, often increasing in worth if properly maintained.

Choose a beautiful piece that brings you joy. After all, Persian rugs are designed to do exactly that!


Kurosh Rugs not only helps you find the right rug for you, but we also provide a number of services for rug owners and enthusiasts including

rug appraisals, sourcing, cleaning and repair.

Appraisals, Valuations & Insurance Claims

Do you have a rug that you think might be hand-knotted but aren’t sure? Or do you own a handmade rug but don’t know where it’s from? Contact us and we will let you know more about your carpet. We can also provide formal written valuations for insurance coverage or claims for a small fee, this will be based on replacement value and will be refunded if you purchase a replacement rug from Kurosh Rugs.


Should you not find your desired rug amongst our existing stock, we can normally find you the perfect rug in the right colors and sizes and have it brought to you within 3-4 weeks.

Handmade Rug Restoration & Repair

Our experts of ex-weavers are high skilled in all aspects of rug repair, from securing fringes or sides to re-knotted large sections of the rugs we can restore almost any rug.

Specialist Persian Rug Cleaning 

With decades of experience in handling antique rugs, our expert team will give you rugs the individual care and attention they deserve.

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